The course is comprised of the following three levels, the students will be required to clear each level in order to advance to the next level • Foundation 1 -F1 • Intermediate 1 -I1 • Professional 1 -P1

Payment Procedure for Banking Courses at UBL Ameen Bank,

  • Step 1 : Visit any nearest UBL Ameen Online Branch.
  • Step 2 : Fill “Deposit Slip” as follows.
Account No & Name The Icon Connection (0988)-010-0173-9
Branch (0988) , Karachi.
Deposited By Your Name
Contact No: Your Mobile No.
Fill out other fields accordingly.
  • Step 3 : Deposit Cash / Cheque & keep counter deposit slip for your own record.
  • Step 4 : Please Fill the Confirmation form  or email following info at  ””-   Order ID
    -   Date of Deposit
    -   Bank Name, Branch & city
    -   Deposit Slip No.
    -   Amount
  • Important :
  • Please must write your name & mobile number on Deposit Slip.
  • Don't pay any service or online transaction charges to bank as you are depositing payment in “UBL Ameen Account”  or Standard Charted Bank for which online transactions are free.